weekly meal plan – hopefully one of many

hi all, it’s been a while i know. i’ve got some extra posts coming up over the next week though so that should make up for it.

weekly meal plan

monday – zucchini basil and kale frittata from the roasted root 

Zucchini Basil and Kale Frittata | http://www.theroastedroot.net

tuesday – miso soup with sweet potato dumplings from egginon


wednesday – mim’s responsibility

thursday – hearty kale lentil and potato soup from hummusapien


friday – sage polenta bowls with roasted brussel sprouts wild mushrooms from oh my veggies

Sage Polenta Bowls with Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Wild Mushrooms

saturday – southwestern quinoa bites with avocado dipping sauce from tasty yummies

Southwestern Quinoa Bites - Fork & Beans

sunday – whole roasted tandoori cauliflower with mint chutney from my new roots 

so.. off you pop. hope you have a fun week!

love josie


weekly meal plan – hopefully one of many

for a while now, i’ve been wanting to kind of set straight in my mind how many times a week i’m aiming to post, and which ones. at the moment, i think i’ll aim for about 3 times a week, as follows:

thursday – cooking or sewing post

friday – cooking or sewing post

sunday – weekly meal plan

if i’m having a particularly busy week, i’m sorry to say: this comes second. or third, or fourth. it depends on what’s happening.

so, you may be wondering what my weekly meal plan will entail. nothing too fancy. it’s inspired by the good work over at ohmyveggies.com. kierstan, the ohmyveggies writer, posts 5 recipes that she will follow each week. she has a shopping list and everything, but i think i’ll just stick to recipe ideas. as you may have picked up, i never follow recipes exactly. so this will be just a guideline for me.

as it’s sunday, here goes the first ever

weekly meal plan

monday – mum’s responsibility

tuesday – thai cashew quinoa with ginger peanut sauce from alaska from scratch

Thai Cashew Quinoa with Ginger Peanut Sauce

wednesday – mim’s responsibility

thursday – lemongrass tofu veggie soup from lorimer street kitchen

Lemongrass Tofu Veggie Soup

friday – lentil loaf from one ingredient chef

saturday – roasted sweet potato pesto salad from the roasted root

Roasted Sweet Potato Pesto Salad

sunday – big comfy sweet potato from my new roots




so… there you go. my week will go … something … like that.