spinach and ricotta pasta bake

  hello lovelies. here’s a new recipe that came about in a moment of… “oh, i want to make this… but i don’t have this… or this… or this!” it was fun, let me tell you. i present to you: … Continue reading

project sewn – sew-along signature style

hi, on a different note to my usual posts, have any of you been following project sewn? it’s an absolutely fabulous online sewing competition for women’s close which is just now in its final week. every week, there is a general … Continue reading

cinnamon swirls and floral scones

this afternoon we had some guests for afternoon tea. a few days ago, while browsing through all my favourite food blogs, i came across a recipe for cinnamon buns from my new roots. her post was a pretty exciting one because it … Continue reading

on the chalkboard – peasant top and easy layered skirt

so, to begin my section on sewing, i’m going to have to take you back. take you back to a time several months ago, perhaps even 12 when i was only just entering into my obsessional sewing phase. it didn’t … Continue reading

lasagna with a whole heap of veggies… and you know, some meat for the carnivores

so tonight we had some extras over. a cousin (not max, but another one), an uncle and an aunt to be precise. i made lasagna. it’s a crowd pleaser, an oldy and a goody i suppose you might say (if … Continue reading

healthy pizza and a very fussy eater

so, today was nowhere near as hot as yesterday. still really still, but bearable. today my dearest cousin arrived from oh-so-far-away in another state of australia. sorry, i mean austraya. gotta have the bogan influence there. when max arrived (the … Continue reading