on ne vous dit rien – we don’t tell you anything

here’s another cute french phrase i found in a marie claire magazine. i think it’s an ad for a french equivalent of lite n easy.

si on vous dit que c’est bon, vous allez penser que c’est lourd

si on vous dit que c’est leger, vous allez croire que c’est pas bon

alors on ne vous dit rien. goutez. 

it means,

if we tell you that it’s good, you will think that it’s heavy

if tell you that it’s light, you will believe that it’s not good

so, we don’t tell you anything. taste.

ttyl ducklings,



don’t put all your ducklings in the same pocket

here’s another nice french phrase:

‘il ne faut pas mettre tous les oeufs dans le meme panier’

which means:

‘it is not necessary to put all the eggs in the same basket’ or ‘don’t put all your eggs in the same basket’

c’est mignon, n’est-ce pas? (it’s cute, isn’t it?) anyone searching for a fun new year’s resolution that they can actually stick to? pick duolingo and learn a new language:)

every little helps

was on duolingo the other day, learning french idioms, when i came across a really gorgeous little one. 

‘petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid’

that is, ‘little by little, the bird makes his nest’ or ‘every little helps’

don’t you think it’s cute?  anyone who wants to learn another language should go check out duolingo, it’s a great site. very addicting and lots of fun.you can learn spanish, french, italian, german and portuguese.

au revoir, josie