hi i’m josie, maker of a pocket full of ducklings.

i’m an australian high school student and i’m semi-addicted to mummy blogs. you know the type, the ones with all the delicious food and sewing project and cute kids? yep, those. while i don’t have a kid of my own, i do have a little sister (well, two actually, but one is significantly littler than the other) who occasionally lets me dress her up.

i’m also a vegetarian, and i love cooking. from age 11 i was really into cooking desserts, but now i’ve branched into cooking real food so i basically make every meal in our house. for 19 weeks and 3 days, i’ve been sugar-free. by that i mean refined, cane-sugar free. i still eat fruit, and the occasional bit of honey but now sugar. so that’s cool.

i also love styling. i was introduced to styling after following thestylegossiper‘s blog for ages. i try to do the best i can with what i have to work with (that is, myself, and a bunch of semi-old clothes).

the only other stuff i might post on here are cool french stuff that i find out (i’m learning french at school and kind of love it), and perhaps some craft projects that i do with my sister.

so that’s about it. the only other thing that sort of defines me as a person is that i play eighth-grade violin, and love painting and drawing. but i probs won’t post about that


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