project sewn – sew-along signature style


on a different note to my usual posts, have any of you been following project sewn? it’s an absolutely fabulous online sewing competition for women’s close which is just now in its final week. every week, there is a general invitation to link up sew-along posts to each week’s theme. this week, the same as every final week, the theme is signature style. i haven’t linked anything up to project sewn before but i thought, seeing as i had made an outfit that i really think exemplifies my signature style, that i should.

so here is my outfit (sorry about the picture quality,  my camera, is utter crap)


this one is just a pretty, artsy side shot

my signature style is simple, vintage-inspired and fabric inspired. i just inherited a stash of my grandma’s old material which i posted about hereand i have some pretty cool fabrics about me. the top is made from like a 50s design printed silk, that may or may not actually be from the 50s.

IMG_7803 IMG_7808

i’m also very inspired by colour. i don’t have a favourite colour, but i definitely have a favourite colour-combination. orange and blue. there’s just no rival. whenever i go shopping, i aim to buy things that i don’t normally get, but every time i come back with my arms full of orange and blue. it’s ridiculous. but anyway, the skirt here is from my own design (i don’t like patterns very much) and made from a gorgeous red/orange wool that i got from spotlight for $5 a metre! crazy lucky i swear!

the top is a copy (a rub-off i think they call it) of one of my favourite store-bought tops. it’s made of patterned silk on the front and a blue silk-y kind of material on the back. i love. c’est tres joli.


anyways, hope you like my outfit. you should head over to project sewn and vote for your favourite creation!

love you,



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