pretty flower skirt with silken scalloped pockets

hi all,

brace yourself…

you finally get to see a picture of me! (i don’t know if its that exciting, probably more scary than anything, but hey. just be excited for my sake ;))



so, i’ve been making more and more clothes for myself recently (grace has been getting absolutely nothing) and i haven’t quite had the courage to share until today. i avoid cameras liek the plague at the best of times but i just loved this fabric (and the whole ensemble) so much that i decided i had to share. also, i’ve been getting super enthused with project sewn and project run & play at the moment, and i know that if i want to link to the sew alongs i’ll actually have to take some photos of my creations. 

so here goes…

i started making this skirt last night at about 10.30 pm. i don’t know why, i just couldn’t sleep and i had this urge to use the gorgeous fabric that i found in my grandma’s stash over the holidays. i’m super proud of the scalloped pockets that took quite a bit of careful sewing and the blue skirt pocket lining. the top is actually my mum’s, made by my grandma for her about 30 years ago. that’s right. the blue skirt pocket linings are from that exact same material. that gives you a pretty good idea of how my mum’s side of the family works. they keep stuff. forever.

the waist actually closes with a drawstring sort of finish which is more than a little bit left of centre but oh well. it came to me (and i had no idea what else i could do in the situation i had put myself in). 


do you like the pictures? they’re taken looking into my mirror with the added bonus of my magazine clippings decorating the wall behind me. i thought they looked pretty cool myself.

anyway, signing out. i may post a meal plan later.

love youse all 🙂


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