classy piggy tails


ready to swing: at home

one of the things that never ceases to amaze me about grace is that she looks older in piggy tails. piggy tails, the ultimate little-kid hairstyle, make my little sis look positively grown up! it’s crazy. once you had a shift dress into the mix she looks positively ancient. i reckon she’d be pushing the 7- or 8-year-old mark. crazy!

i made this dress quite a while ago, but i do enjoy it. it makes me think of overseas. why? cos we have his gorgeous photo of grace wearing it in devon, england (and also paris but i couldn’t find that one)


quite a long way from home: grace in devon, england

however, today i will show you some photos of grace in the back garden. on the swing, to be precise.


grace in motion: at home

 so, this dress is what i’d call a shift dress. i’m not sure if it actually is, but that’s what i would call it. i made using the same pattern that i did for the peasant top, posted here. again, this is the tute i used.

obviously i lengthened the body til it falls just above her knees. it’s a pretty tight fit, but she seems to like it. she had picked out the fabric earlier herself though, so that could be it. i also added a faux button placket at the front of the dress to use some pretty pink buttons that she had picked out, which i really think adds to the outfit. because it’s peasant top pattern the neckline is loosely elasticated which makes it easy to get off and on her.

all in all, it’s a very simple, stylish look.

IMG_7359 (2)

a little bit bigger (hopefully you can kind of see the faux placket): at home

bonne nuit mes canetons 🙂

(good night my ducklings)


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