shortalls for grace

grace is my darling little sister. she’s my model nearly every time i make clothes. two days ago i decided to make her shortalls (and in overalls, but shorts) because both me and my sister had our own.

i quite like the result, if i do say so myself. it’s certainly quirky, and it seems to already be beginning to fall apart (despite the many precautions i took against this) but it’s cute.

IMG_7427     IMG_7415

the pattern is self drafted, based on the makeup of my shortalls. for the shorts however i took my inspiration from these paper bag shorts by mama says sew. i made the shorts absolutely huge originally (they actually fit on me) but with quite a few tucks around the legs and waist it seemed to work quite well. with the waist i made quite a thick waistband  (probably about 10 inches unsewed) and attached a ribbon top to the closure. i didn’t want to do a ribbon or buttons so i just left a large gap at the back which could be tightened when the ribbon was tied. i actually ended up leaving too much of a gap, so she had a sort of bunny tail peeking out the back. i had to sew that up a little, but she can still get in fine.

for the front square bit, i wanted a really big pocket, so i cut a circle a little smaller than the square it was sitting on and outlined it in a pick fluffy material we had for contrast. everyone who has seen it now comments that “maybe that pink’s a little too much”, but i like it. grace says it’s her pouch (you know like a kangeroo’s pouch?). i then sewed on the lining.

for the straps, it was just two long tubes (measure on your child the distance from the top of the square the top of the shorts on the back), that i inverted and hemmed the ends of. i attached them with buttons. i sewed the buttons to the shorts (in case i wanted to detach the whole top bit later and the button holes to the straps. button holes a somewhat of a new thing for me. i have danced around them for ages, but i sort of faced them yesterday. i couldn’t work out what to do with the button hole foot i just used the ordinary foot and marked the distance for the button. i then used the 4-step buttonnhole thing on my sewing machine. it sort of works. by that i mean, it’s shit but you can’t see it cos the button is covering it.


anyway, hope you enjoy 🙂


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