on the chalkboard – peasant top and easy layered skirt


so, to begin my section on sewing, i’m going to have to take you back. take you back to a time several months ago, perhaps even 12 when i was only just entering into my obsessional sewing phase. it didn’t last two long don’t get freaked out, but i did manage to make a few things in that time. one of the first things i ever made for grace was this peasant top.

it’s gorgeous isn’t it.

that’s where you nod, smile or say ‘yes, dear’. my response is ‘thank you’ and an oblivious smile. it really doesn’t take much to make me happy.

i got the pretty material from spotlight (i think it’s just an australian store. if you don’t live in this great southern land you’re probably not missing too much.)  for the pattern, i followed this tutorial by prudent baby, here. obviously i didn’t do the whole gathered waist thing.


the skirt was also a josie-made thing. if that wasn’t obvious with the fabric being the same an’ all. i followed this tute from danamadeit, here. as you can see, i did a variation with two layers. look, i know it’s super simple, but she likes these clothese just as much as some of my a little my complicated ones so… what can you do.

so, ‘ope youse all enjoyed it. i will probsies be postin’ some more cloving soon. oh, and one more fing;

“… i just want to thank everyone who’s supported me on this journey towards this, my very first photo shoot. max… who stood by me as i fussed and fiddled with hair and angles. mim… who popped in at the very last minute to poke, prod and criticise. and of course, grace… without whose cooperation, none of this would have been possible. and further heartfelt thanks to grace for naming the post. “


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